King Hill Irrigation District

Special Board of Directors Meeting

75 E First Ave, Glenns Ferry, ID
November 11, 2021 – 2:00 pm 


      1. Call meeting to order.
      2. Roll call—Justin Wootan, Walter Trail, Gordon Zito, Jeff Blanksma, Jr. and Phillip Acord
      3. Approve agenda. (Motion—action item)
      4. Approve 10/14/21 Minutes. (Motion—action item)
      5. Approve 11/04/21 Minutes. (Motion—action item)
      6. Reports:
        1. Financial Reports—Approve payables (Motion—action item)
        2. Secretary/Treasurer—None
        3. Manager—Hammett Pump & Pipeline update
      7. Public comment—non-agenda items.***
        For informational purposes only. No motion can be made based on public comment.
        Please state your name before speaking. Public comments are limited to 3 minutes each.
      8. Discussion—Teresa McCalum, Water transfer.
      9. Discussion— Teresa McCalum, District voting procedure.
      10. Decision—Schedule Board of Directors annual end-of-year district tour (Motion—action item)
      11. Move to Executive Session. (Motion—action item)
      12. Adjourn (Motion – action item)



NOTE: Under the authority of Idaho Code 74-206. Executive session—when authorized. An executive session at which members of the public are excluded may be held, but only for the purposes and only in the manner set forth in this section. The motion to go into executive session shall identify the specific subsections of this section that authorize the executive session. There shall be a roll call vote on the motion and the vote shall be recorded in the minutes. An executive session shall be authorized by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the governing body. 

This agenda is subject to change in accordance with the provisions of the Idaho open meeting law. 

***Public comments can be submitted in advance. Can be dropped off at the office or email us at or by mail to PO Box 993, Glenns Ferry, ID 83623.