Legal Notices



 The King Hill Irrigation District Board of Directors will meet at 7:00 PM, Thursday, October 8, 2020 at the District Office, 4183 N Meridian Street, King Hill, Idaho to hear any objections to the 2020 O & M Assessment.


Dated:   September 15, 2020

Katherine Pruett, Secretary/Treasurer

Election of Directors


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the election of one Director from Division 1 and one Director from Division 4 of the King Hill Irrigation District will be held on November 3, 2020 to elect said directors for a term of three years beginning January 1, 2021.


Nominations for each Director may be made by petition, signed by at least twelve (12) electors of the District from Division 1 and twelve (12) electors from Division 4, qualified to vote for the candidate nominated, and filed with the Secretary of the District not less than 40 days or more than 60 days before the date of said election.  Petitions may be obtained from Katherine Pruett, Secretary/Treasurer, 4183 N Meridian Street, King Hill, Idaho. Petitions are due by September 24, 2020 by 5:00 PM.


In the event more than one (1) candidate is nominated within each Division, notice of the time and place of election will be posted as required by Idaho Code 43-206.


Excepting that, in accordance with Title 43-201A of Idaho Code:  “If, pursuant to section 43-201, Idaho Code, the Secretary of the district verifies that there is only one (1) qualified candidate who has been nominated for the position of Director to be filled, it shall not be necessary to hold an election for that position, and the Board of Directors shall declare such candidate elected as Director at the next regularly scheduled board meeting following the expiration of the date for filing written nominations.”


Dated:  August 12, 2020

Katherine Pruett, Secretary/Treasurer

King Hill Irrigation District


First Publication:  August 19, 2020

Last Publication:  August 26, 2020

King Hill Irrigation District
Statement of Net Condition
December 31, 2018
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents:
Cash on Hand and in Banks
$ 159,693
Unrestricted Investments 188,504
Reserved Investments 150,849
Total Cash and Cash Equivalents
$ 499,046
Assessments and Meters Receivable
Accrued Interest Receivable
Prepaid Expenses 19,823
Inventory 49,550
Total Current Assets $ 586,270
Noncurrent Assets
Capital Assets:
Land and Office Building $ 4,456
Shop Building 10,738
Office Furniture 5,002
Maintenance Equipment 712,813
Irrigation Plant 4,087,520
Meters 17,085
Less: Accumulated Depreciation
Total Noncurrent Assets $ 1,223,824
Deferred Outflows
Pension Related items $ 36,447
Total Deferred Outflows $ 36,447
Total Assets $ 1,846,541
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $ 42,730
Accrued Interest Payable 1,519
Unearned Revenue 78,500
Current Portion of Long term Debt
Total Current Liabilities $ 144,254
Noncurrent Liabilities
Note Payable – IDWR $ 9,625
Compensated Absences 23,662
Net Pension Liability 114,805
Total Noncurrent Liabilities $ 148,092
Deferred Inflows
Pension Related Items $ 19,732
Total Deferred Inflows $ 19,732
Total Liabilities $ 312,078
Invested in Capital Assets $ 1,192,694
Reserved for Emergency Expenditures
Unrestricted 190,920
Total Net Position $ 1,534,463
Katherine Pruett, Secretary/Treasurer
King Hill Irrigation District
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